Waimanu Valley is a lush uninhabited valley with huge waterfalls and streams on the north end of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is inaccessible except by sea or a torturous 11 mile hike up and down steep cliffs.


We went there over 4th of July weekend with my best friend Keoki and his family on his little boat Bugsy.  We took the little boat since it can be launched from Keokea a small breakwater about 7 miles away.  We loaded everyone’s gear on board which loaded little Bugsy pretty low in the water.  The girls went with Keoki and Alex and I dropped off the trailer and looped to Waipio to swim out thru the surf and meet the boat after it was unloaded.  We had calm and beautiful weather.  We saw awesome waterfalls and had a wonderful weekend.   Keoki caught a 40 pound Ono right at the beginning of the trip so we enjoyed fresh fish everyday with fresh mango sauce from the mango trees there.

Here’s a short movie. The music by Gabby Pahinui is called Hiilawe, which is the name of the waterfall at the back of Waipio Valley. The name of the waterfall in back of Waimanu Valley is Wai’ilikahi Falls.

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