Ice Fall Lodge, Golden, British Columbia

Pictures by Andreas Schulte


Larry Dolecki the owner of Icefall Lodge had an extra space for me at Icefall Lodge   , a back country lodge deep in the South Columbia Mountains of British Columbia near Banff, and Lake Louise.  Its a rustic lodge situated at the treeline high in the big steep mountains with awesome and extensive exclusive terrain. The heli flies you in from Golden with light luggage and skis and they provide meals, quilts, linens, wood.  The food, the people, the weather, the snow, the terrain, the lodge were all great.  A wonderful trip all in all.

Diamond Glacier

On Friday Larry needed to come up from town to make some repairs before the new group came in and intended to snowmachine 30K up the valley then hike up 1000 meters to the lodge but a class 3 avalanche with large trees blocked his way.  He radioed up to Corin and told him to ski down to the valley, hike 20 kilometers and meet him at the machine, and drive it out, while Larry hiked in 20K, then up the mountain 1000 meters arriving at midnight!! This is after Corin guided a full day up to Mt. Kemmel 1200 meters and a full week of guiding.  These guys are STRONG! P1070591

Susane Schraff skiied like Ingmar Stenmark!



Icefall is a well designed, strong, comfortable backcountry cabin with sauna, outhouses and great location.


I joined a lively and friendly group of skiers from Idaho, and a lovely German couple living in Calgary for 4000-5000 foot vertical days of climbing and skiing powder and high alpine.  Our guide Corin looked like a young John Travolta and is a strong and level headed guide who really knew the secret routes and chutes.





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