“CORN-U-COPIA”!! Tordrillo Range Alaska 2015



We went back to Alaska to ski the Tordrillo Range May 13-22.  Joe Stock, a friend from Alaska, gave me some beta and suggested Sportsman Air for ski plane pilots. I was a bit apprehensive because, first, I’d never been there before, and second, it was just Sarah and I, venturing out into the complete unknown.  Looking at maps doesn’t reveal the crevasses and conditions.  Ben, our pilot was a skiier too, and flew us on a De Havilland Beaver ski plane and  said “Pick a spot and we’ll land.” We picked out a nice spot from the plane, landed and set up camp and skiied for a week. The terrain was awesome for Sarah and I, mellow bowls and peaks with perfect smooth corn snow like someone had groomed it all night long for us.  After one weather day the sun came out and we had some great ski days exploring our glacier.  We climbed all the peaks around our camp and got some great skiing.  There is a lot of good ski terrain up there and we’ll go back next year.  There was no one up there for miles around us.  Its less “crowded” than Denali Park.  The logistics of flying out of Anchorage made the trip easier, as Sportsmans Air landing strip is 5 minutes away from Anchorage International Airport.  We left Hawaii at 9pm, arrived at Anchorage at 5am, head to Fred Meyer to shop, and flying into the glacier by 11am!! Pretty crazy. We really ate well because we brought a Coleman camp oven and baked fresh bread, bagels and made pizza, and Apple Tarts and cookies. Yum.  The Hilleberg Atlas kept us warm and safe. We brought a Mr. Buddy heater which warmed up the boots in the morning.  One day we found bear tracks along our skin track back to the tent, but it veered off just before the tent and headed down, thank goodness. There were many wet avalanches in the afternoon sun, but they were easy to avoid. The Crevasses were filled in pretty well and easy to see as long as the light was good.  I love climbing and exploring.  Its great to have some elbow room with no one around, no cars, no property lines, no roads.  Next year I hope Chris Lizbeth, and Stu come with us to explore new lines.