Alaska, Hawaiian Style

Here is the movie of our ski mountaineering and glacier camp trip to the Alaska Range, Denali National Park April 2016.

Six things you need to camp in comfort and style on the high glaciers in the big Alaskan Mountains.

  1.  The Hilleberg Atlas tent with the floorless liner, the floor and the vestibule is a great set up for living big.  The tent is spacious, warm, and sturdy.  We built snow furniture inside with plywood tables and nice beds.
  2. A kerosene heater keeps the -20F temperature comfortable inside.  It’s necessary to dry out gloves, and warm up boots in the morning.  It burns Jet A fuel which we get at the airport in Talkeetna before flying in.
  3. The Coleman Camp oven goes right on top of the Coleman stove or the MSR Whisperlites.  We baked bread, bagels, tart tintin, Pear Tart.
  4. Plywood tables go on top of snow tables for comfortable living.
  5. Kids foamy floor blocks for the floor of the snow help keep your feet warm.
  6. We even brought a toilet seat!  It eases one of the harder jobs on the glacier.  We also brought a Megmid tent for the water closet and it really pays off on a snowy windy day.
We had perfect sunny calm weather with one snow day to refresh the snow.  The snow corned up the last two days and we could explore the surrounding valleys and glacier bottom.
Paul Roderick of Talkeetna Air Taxi and Pilot Leighan Falley took good care of us and steered us in the right direction.  I trust them, and that is worth more than anything.
I love the Alaska Range. It is the best skiing anywhere in the world. I’ve been all over.