Hawaii Volcano Puuo

The volcano Pu’uo is pumping lava near Pahoa Town in Puna Hawaii on the east side.  I wrote a song called, “Pu’uo” about the lava flow played here by my band Deep Blue.

The “Uhi Uha” is a hula chant that means surround and flow and is used in hula’s about Madam Pele.  Its the custom to leave M. Pele some gin to appease her. She likes gin apparently. During the last flow the TV reporter interviewed the guy who owned the first house to burn down.  He was philosophical and said, “I was born naked, that’s how I’ll die.  Got to leave it all behind.”  When I went to visit Pahoa, the people there were all kind of in denial and acting like nothing was going on, but the lava keeps flowing on and on.  Hope you like the song.  Please share it.