Ski Mauna Kea: Puu Hau Kea

January 31, 2014. Skiied Mauna Kea and climbed Puu Hau Kea under brilliant blue skies, no wind, and perfect corn snow.  I’ve always wanted to climb and ski the pristine Puu Hau Kea cone with its steep walls and deep snow.  After two days, the altitude did not seem bad at all.  There were few people and conditions were great.

Its very counterintuitive that Hawaii is a fine place to live for a skier.  There are cheap fares and relatively short flights to Alaska, British Columbia, Pacific NW, California, New Zealand, Japan for four season skiing.  For example there are $700 fares to Japan where the snow is dumping and where I think I’ll head next.  There are $650 fares to British Columbia and I can be there over night.  Alaska is a 6 hour flight and I can be skiing by 9 in the morning after I leave here at 10pm.  All I need is more snow here.  There used be a GLACIER and thousands of feet of snow in prehistoric times.  Imagine that! Also its good to come home to tropical warm after freezing cold.



Went to Kahilu Theatre and saw Makana in concert after a great dinner a Merriman’s with my best friend Keoki Magoon and his wife Kim.  What a perfect day!


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